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Welcome to ZEROCLAN.Tk   -   The webpage for the Darkorbit clan, ZERO.

More information on the clan can be found on the "Clan Information" page.



Zero has been going right back from 2008. Before our current clan leader  Matrix began leadership in ZERO he started off with a friend *RAGING-MYST*... Trix had quit for a while and RAGING continued to strive the rankings eventually overtaking Matrix in a battle for rank. Raging joined a clan called [=LW=]. Raging suggested to Matrix that he should rejoin the game, and that LW was a good clan. Matrix enjoyed [=LW=] but he began to get annoyed with the wars which swelled through the clan.

So... Raging met a good player called  KATGUMDAM and both together created a clan called ZERO-HOUR. Matrix was introduced to this new clan and became good friends with KAT and had a good laugh and hunt. For a while in 2008 and 2009 there were no voice servers in existence only chat rooms. Raging was beginning to get annoyed with the demand for money in order to play the game fairly. One night Kat was cubing and was unexpectidly uncloacked on and ended up with him losing ALL his  Iris... And so  ZERO-HOUR went on without Kat as he disappeared for 2 years. The clan tax built up to 600 mill creds and Matrix decided enough was enough so done some investigations and managed to get a message to KAT to gain rights to release the credits and disband  ZERO.

All of zero did not want to disband and Matrix asked who should lead so zero had a vote and Matrix won the vote 100% everyone agreed even though he did not want it. After a long debate Matrix decided to take over as zero leader. Now we stand at 11th place. KAT has returned but said no to the clan being given back as Matrix is the one who bought zero to life .

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